The Far Right

The Omelas Institute aims at researching, documenting, analysing, exposing, and countering the changing face of the far right. Research in this area is headed by Freddy Leo.

All around the world, we are confronted with a shocking and dizzyingly rapid upsurge in far-right ideology. Such ideology comprises old, familiar ideas peddled under more appealing labels, but also novel beliefs which represent a new stage in the evolution of far-right thinking.

This development is inextricably bound up with the rise of digital communication and the internet. The internet has gifted the far right new methods of radicalization, means of coordinating, and spaces to convene in. Simultaneously, it has exacerbated the proliferation of false historical information about classical manifestations of fascism.

For these reasons, The Omelas Institute takes a broadly two-pronged approach in tackling the far right. Its current resurgence is explored and analysed, with a special focus on its relationship with the internet, while historical clarity regarding twentieth-century fascisms is also provided. This is the goal of Freddy Leo’s upcoming series of articles entitled A History of Hatred.

Other articles thematizing the far right will also appear as determined by the news cycle. These can be found here