Social & Environmental Justice

‘La Justice’ by Eustache le Sueur

The Omelas Institute‘s Social & Environmental Justice research is led by Alex Kumar.

The Institute is critically concerned with social ills, matters of justice and human rights, and the protection of wildlife and the environment, as is set out in our Mission.

Social Justice has meant different things to different people at different times. It is an essentially contested concept, with some thinkers on the right (famously Hayek) going so far as to declare it meaningless and untenable. At its broadest level, social justice refers to matters of justice in society, and ways of working towards achieving social equity. It involves identifying and redressing injustice in society, be it related to economic issues, access to healthcare, education, housing, or myriad other phenomena.

Environmental Justice, too, means different things in different contexts. For our purposes, the term refers to the intersection of environmental issues with matters of social justice. As such, research and work by the Institute in this area may concern threats to wildlife and the natural world, but also such matters as land reform, pollution, envrionmentally-determined poverty and climate change.

The Institute‘s research in this area is focused largely, but not exclusively, on the United Kingdom.

Our latest work on Social & Environmental Justice can be found here.