Creation of the International Desk

3 January 2020

A new initiative for 2020: the creation of the International Desk of the Omelas Institute (IDOI). Each of the Associates has taken on a number of global regions of interest. The Institute hopes that the new International Desk may serve as a basis for correspondence and collaboration with other people and organisations working internationally or simply based in other parts of the world.

Welcoming Dani Cugini

20 July 2019

The Omelas Institute welcomes Dani Cugini aboard as our fifth Associate. Cugini is a graduate of both Oxford and Cambridge, whose work has been recognised by Amnesty International. Read more about Dani Cugini here.

General Meeting

29 April 2019

A general meeting of The Omelas Institute took place at St Edmund Hall, Oxford, on 29 April 2019. Plans for upcoming work by the Associates was discussed, and work was begun on an upcoming report on far-right terrorism.

Website Launch

13 March 2019

The new website for The Omelas Institute was launched at This was accompanied by the publication of a new special report: Two Weeks to Brexit.

Annual General Meeting

21 February 2019

The 2019 AGM of The Omelas Institute took place at Magdalen College, Oxford, on 21 February 2019. During the course of the meeting, plans were made for the launch of the Institute website. Minutes are not currently publicly available.